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On behalf of the Government and the people of Bermuda, welcome to our island paradise. Bermuda will seduce your senses with its breathtaking natural beauty, pink-sand beaches and stunning turquoise waters. Even more alluring and welcoming is our friendly people, who will greet you with a “Good morning” or “Good afternoon.”
Go sightseeing through our historic parishes, visit our premier boutiques or just sit back and take in the stunning view. You can also participate in a host of events showcasing Bermuda’s rich heritage and festive lifestyle. Of course, Bermuda’s most precious treasure is the people who live here. The warmth and friendliness of Bermudians (or “Onions”) reflects the spirit of hospitality that is part of our culture.
~ John W. Harvey, JP, MBE,  Chief Executive Officer - Bermuda Hotel Association

Bermuda has so much more to keep you entertained and relaxed during your vacation. Known the world over for its distinctive historical architecture, we hope you will have an opportunity to explore some of our finest features, such as the 17th-century Town of St. George, a UNESCO World Heritage Site, the City of Hamilton and the Royal Naval Dockyard.

Today, Bermuda is being rediscovered for its unexpected treasures, such as boutique shopping, island-inspired cuisine, thriving arts scene and unparalleled shipwreck diving. We present you with Experience Bermuda 2013|14, a comprehensive guide to the best the island has to offer, from luxurious resorts to pristine beaches and fine dining.

 The Official Site of the Bermuda Hotel Association